History of Meditel Healthcare
History of Meditel Healthcare

MEDITEL Limited Company was founded on 21 November 1984. The firm started with Technical Service infrastructure started operations by providing technical service to Radiology and Radiotherapy devices of the French CGR in particular. MEDITEL provided Technical service at many hospitals, intensively at Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa and Istanbul Faculties of Medicine. In 1986, a Sole Authorized Vendor agreement was made with the Canadian Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and it started to make sales of Cobalt-60 Teletherapy devices as Turkey's Sole Agent. In 1987, an agreement was signed with the German PTW-Freiburg and a fast entry was made to Dosimeter and measuring systems market. Currently our sole authorized agency work continues actively and we have over 50% market share in Turkey.

MEDITEL executed its operations as technology weighted, in 1989 it became sole authorized agent of Boston Scientific Corporation in Turkey and entered into “Interventional Radiology and Cardiology” market. Across the country, sales of Mansfield and Medi-Tech products were also maintained. Such operations were continued intensively up until 1999, by a resolution adopted on such date focus on Engineering, Technology and Medical Device weighted operations were increased again.

Upon foundation of MEDKO in 1992, MEDITEL took its first important step concerning growth resolution. Even if  MEDKO started as Quality Control and Calibration Services, MEDKO turned its  provision and operations to Healthcare Services to patients. MEDKO's actual purpose of foundation was set firmly at he beginning of 2000’s.  As of today it maintains investments of Medical Imaging and Medical Treatment Services with “Service Providing / Hizmet Alımı” method in connection with diagnosis and treatment of cancer predominantly at variety of provinces and centers throughout Turkey. MEDKO is at the edge of enlarging its operations to overseas with the consistent long-term business plan of MEDITEL Healthcare.

As a result of the agreement made in 1994 with the Japanese Shimadzu Corporation, MEDITEL started sales of Computerized Tomography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance), X-Ray, Ultrasonography and Color Doppler devices. In 90’s, the market share in imaging field reached significant rates. The efficiency of Shimadzu in the market became effective in leaving Invasive Radiology and Cardiology market which is dominated by consumables. Import, export, sales and after-sales activities with Shimadzu actively still continues today. During the same years, MEDITEL also captured high market share with Vingmed (later become part of GE Healthcare) brand Echocardiography and Lorad (later become Hologic) brand Mammography firms, upon sale of such firms in the world market to GE Healthcare and Hologic respectively, business partnerships in Turkey were mutually terminated.

In 1998, MEDITEL took a giant step in healthcare services with "MEDWAY Medical Center" established in Levent, Istanbul. The Center provided high level services with extensive physician staff most of whom consisted of Professors in Cardiology, ENT, Internal Medicine etc. many branches in addition to advanced imaging procedures (Tomography, X-Ray, Echocardiography, Ultrasound, MRI etc... ). MEDWAY  was one of the first centers in Turkey with providing A Class  healthcare service and was founded as a MEDITEL affiliate. The organisation was sold and transferred to MEDLİNE in the following years.

MEDITEL, which captured significant rise in the middle of the 1990’s continued this rise also in 2000’s with confident steps and extensive staff. In the beginning of 2000’s, the rise continued especially in Radiotherapy and Cardiology sectors in particular Angiography, Ultrasound, etc… products. MEDITEL HEALTHCARE Group which added “Service Providing / Hizmet Alımı” at various hospitals with MEDKO in addition to daily sales activities maintained its progress.

In November 2007, a Sole Authorized Dealer agreement was made with TomoTherapy Inc. based in the USA. MEDITEL Healthcare, which took a big step to Radiotherapy sector again with this partnership became pioneer in arrival in Turkey of TomoTherapy treatments which are revolutionary in Radiotherapy. TomoTherapy Inc. merged in 2012 with Accuray and has been continuing its operations. After the merger, with the improvement of TomoTherapy devices with respect to design, quality, treatment spectrum, durability, speed and up-time started to increase sales and turnovers rapidly. Over 20 TomoTherapy systems actively providing radiation oncology services to patients in the country, every passing day this number increases.  MEDITEL, as is the case with other devices, performs all installation, training, ATP, quality control and acceptance tests of TomoTherapy with its own tools & instruments and personnel.

Following inclusion of SG Healthcare to the MEDITEL in 2010 in digital x-ray field, and following the agreement made with digital mammography device manufacturer IMS-GIOTTO in 2013, MEDITEL works with international firms in the form of 27 Sole Authorized Agencies in total who strengthens itself technology under the plans made in medium and long terms. It started to collect fruits of such joint works with Digital X-Ray and Digital Mammography systems it installed in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. As of today, it provides service throughout Turkey with over 800 Digital X-Rays and over 130 Digital Mammography systems install base. Also, “it provides service at a large geography from over 20 different office and home-office points with devices installed in every province of Turkey without exception”. This point arrived in the history of MEDITEL is a source of pride for employees of the firm, 1st and 2nd generation and all stakeholders.  

First foundation of wish and desire in the fields of production, R&D and design possessed from day one of establishment in 1984 was started in 2007 with DIJIMED and the DIGIMED brand created. The basic purpose for founding DİJİMED can be summarized as production and R&D in radiological imaging devices and planned to be expand later on.  MEDITEL Healthcare intends to realize its desire of creating an international Turkish brand manufacturing in Turkey which leads its basic purposes in the upcoming years with DİJİMED.

In summary, MEDITEL Healthcare continues to be a developing technology firm acting as an International agent in local and global markets in healthcare sector, providing Production and Healthcare services. MEDITEL and Group Companies, regardless of place of work and nature of its business, have been operating for a period over 30 years adopting a consistent work method that cares for "Public Benefit" with a work system prioritizing Customer Focused, Reliable, Speed, Result Based and Simple but Efficient work ethic.