Meditel Healthcare Group has a human centered mentality which considers that they are the most significant input and value. Our priority is based on employees' loyalty for the company and their trust. Our companies,has proactive and innovative approach,are in the structure  that employees’ thoughts are effective on the strategic decisions.With the move of the principle which there are employees behind the success,the company ensures a work environment which encourages employees’ work life and also be a supporter for their social life,provides personal and professional development for them,and gives opportunities for the continuous improvements.With the ‘Total Quality Management’ system, we’re a model in the sector and it precedes among the leader companies

Our politics:
•         Education and development programming
•         Career planning creating
•         Evaluating performance of employees and getting them higher level
•         Determining objective and fair wage policy 
•         Providing work health and security
•         Progressing with respect,impartiality,privacy,discipline and scientific mentality
•         Integrating human resources politics and company politics,and creating company culture 
•         Keeping  employees’ allegiances and satisfactions on the top
•         Actualizing social responsibility project
•         Providing employment which is innovator, open minded for progress,easily adaptable to company strategies and his aim